B'Nai Mitzvahs

B’nai Mitzvot

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrates a person’s first Aliyah of being called to the Torah. It has become the hallmark of entering into the age of responsibility within the Jewish faith, referring to a person responsible for fulfilling Mitzvot (God’s commandments). At Temple Israel, we take special pride in being together when our community celebrates this momentous milestone with our young people and their families.

At Temple Israel, a boy or girl usually celebrates becoming a Bar (male) or Bat (female) Mitzvah at age 13 though some may wish to take more time. They must attend our MAGAL school to prepare for becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, as it teaches essential content and emphasizes that this is more than a single moment of celebration; it is the doorway into leading a Jewish life. Please see our MAGAL page for more information. Families typically choose their dates in consultation with the Rabbi in 5th grade. One-on-one, weekly tutoring with the Rabbi usually begins one year in advance.

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