History of Temple Israel Cemetery

The T.I. Cemetery was established in 1954 on land donated by the Wise brothers, Abe and Zelig. With the original purchase of ten acres in a tranquil lakefront setting in Gotha, Florida, the Cemetery has enough burial spaces to last for over 50 years. The recent purchase of an additional one acre of land contiguous with the present location ensures continued use well into the next century!

The Cemetery is wholly owned by Temple Israel and is exclusively maintained and managed by the Temple Israel Cemetery Corporation and its Board of Directors.

Our newly renovated and enlarged chapel is named for Jacob “Yank” Frank and features the installation of permanent seating to provide a more serene setting while attending a funeral service. Chapel enhancement was mainly provided by a generous gift by the Joseph and Frances Lefkowitz Family and was completed in 2021.

All burial services and rituals are provided under strict rabbinical consultation and supervision. This responsibility lies with the sitting rabbi of Temple Israel and established operational procedures. 

Temple Israel Cemetery Corporation

The Cemetery is located at 9200 Morton Jones Road in the cemetery area of Gotha, Florida, approximately 25 miles from Temple Israel.

Parking is readily available onsite and is accessible for wheelchair users. 

*Exceptions may apply for Federal and Jewish Holidays.

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Office Phone:

Phone: (321) 972-9893

Burial Plot

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Visiting The Cemetery: A Sacred Obligation

Immediately after the death of a loved one, Judaism discourages frequent grave visitation for it may hinder the mourner’s return to normal life. Nevertheless, there are days when it is traditional to visit the cemetery.

These special days include the days before the High Holidays and special personal days like birthdays and anniversaries.

Several blessings and Psalms may be recited at the graveside, including the memorial prayer, El Malei Rahamim.

In addition, there are two other sacred and effective ways of showing our love and respect upon visiting the grave: the giving of tzedakah (a donation to the cemetery or Temple Israel), and the study of Torah.

Visitors to the grave often, out of custom, leave a small stone on the tombstone as a symbol of the enduring bond between the visitor and the deceased. It is an act of love, a gesture to show that you were there. Although this is a traditional practice to be respected, it is a problematic tradition at the Temple Israel Cemetery. These stones are often drawn up into the lawn-cutting equipment of the cemetery and end up defacing the bronze and granite markers.

If members of our congregation insist on following this custom, the Cemetery Committee cannot be held responsible for the potential damage done to the markers. 

Approved Funeral Homes

The following licensed funeral homes have rabbinical approval to provide funeral and burial services at the Temple Israel Cemetery: 

  • American Family Funeral and Crematory
  • Baldwin Brothers Funeral and Cremation
  • Baldwin-Fairchild Funeral Homes
  • Banfield Funeral Home & Crematory 
  • Beth Shalom Memorial Chapel
  • DeGusipe Funeral Homes
  • National Cremation and Burial Society
  • Woodlawn Funeral Home 

New Burial Areas and Options 

The Temple Israel Cemetery Corporation is proud to announce new burial options to accommodate most any burial circumstances.

We offer a dedicated area for mausoleum burials, an area for cremated remains, a dedicated area for interfaith marriage burials, and a dedicated area for non-Jewish burials.

For additional information on these burial options contact Rabbi Neely at the Temple Israel office (407) 647-3055 or contact the Cemetery office at (321) 927-9893. 
Cemetery Dedication Opportunities

To honor or remember a loved one, the Cemetery Corporation offers opportunities including benches, grave markers (granite and/or bronze), and chapel chair plaques. These are available through the T.I. Cemetery office at (321) 927-9893