Converting to Judaism

Converting to Judaism

“You don’t have to convert to Judaism to be a good person, but for some people, the call cannot be ignored.”

Rabbi Neely

Temple Israel is honored to help those considering converting to Judaism. Some come from other faiths or traditions, while others may have no religious background whatsoever. Others may be on a path of return after centuries of family dislocation. All are welcome. 

Converting to Judaism usually takes one year to complete. It involves group and private study, in addition to participation in spiritual and social activities. It begins with a call or email to Rabbi Neely to discuss the process. Contact Rabbi Neely at [email protected] or (321) 279-5315.

When the time is right for you, and in consultation with Rabbi Neely, a beit din, a rabbinical court, is convened. All candidates also immerse themselves in a mikveh at Congregation Ohev Shalom under Rabbi Neely’s supervision. Congregation Ohev Shalom charges a small facility fee for the ability to use the mikveh. Male candidates must also be circumcised and have performed hatafat dam brit. Rabbi Neely will help you to make those arrangements. 

Sometimes, families may need to convert children. Contact the Rabbi to arrange this joyous event.

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