Leaders of Temple Israel

Leaders of Temple Israel

Temple Israel is a congregation-led, Conservative synagogue guided by the leaders who make up the Board of Trustees and various committees.

“A leader may not be appointed without consulting the community.” - Talmud, B’Rachot 55A

Congregation members are recruited and volunteer to serve on the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. The leaders listed below are members of our community whose mission is to further the best interest of Temple Israel. We understand that we must continue to evolve while maintaining our traditions and heritage of being a center for worship, communal life, education, social action, and social service. They are drawn from our diverse membership and represent the breadth of our views, skills, and passions. Trustees and officers are elected at our annual meeting in December by our members.

We extend heartfelt appreciation to all of our current and past leaders who have dedicated their time and expertise to help Temple Israel and its congregation fulfill its mission.

Executive Committee

Vice President
VP Membership
VP Education

Mark Kluger
Sarah Landerman
Tanna Harris
Mollie Savage
Gary Berg
Michael Danoff
Rabbi Josuha Neely

Trustee Board Members

Eve Gassman
Yaela Marks
Andrea Ravinoff
Harry Rein - Emeritus

Noelle Rivers
David Shames - Men's Club Co-President
Geanne Share - Past President
Stefanie Cedar Shames - Sisterhood President

Committee Chairs

Getting involved with one of our Temple Israel committees is a way to become a part of this community. Providing a valuable service to our synagogue is beneficial as Temple Israel will grow as a result of your special skills and abilities. Please look over this list and contact the Office at [email protected] for more information or how to arrange contact with the appropriate committee chair.

Adult Education
Budget & Finance
Building & Grounds
Cemetery Liaison
Education (School)
Ma’asim Tovim
Men's Club Co-President
Safety & Security
Strategic Planning
Ways & Means

Andrea Ravinoff & Yaela Marks
Michael Danoff
Ed Calish
Bernie Kahn
Daniel Wise
Mollie Savage
Andrew Feinberg
Carol Albert
Emily Raij
Geanne Share, Emily Raij & Penelope Neely
Tanna Harris
Natan Brener and Daivd Shames
David Fruchter
Monique Aristizabal
Geanne Share
Emily Raij
Daniel Wise
Lori Pearson Wise
Rabbi Joshua Neely

Ritual Committee

The Ritual Committee, with the advice and approval of the Rabbi, formulates and implements rules and regulations for Temple Israel religious services consistent with Jewish Law (Halacha) and the precedents and principles of Conservative Judaism. We also recruit, select and train service managers (Gabbaim) and prayer leaders for the religious services.

In addition, the Ritual Committee continuously evaluates and enhances the quality of the religious services, represents Temple Israel in community religious programs, and prepares the religious program budget.

We are currently involved in a number of activities designed to enhance the religious life of our congregation. These projects include:

  • Volunteer support to Shiva prayer services during Rabbi’s absence
  • Support to the recruitment and retention of members
  • The Friday night siddur project
  • Development of a Yizkor/Mourning Guide Book
  • Planning a Shabbaton for the community
  • Collection of demographic data from membership to help tailor and target our service offerings
  • Planning for the annual Mitzvah Fair (click here for resources from past Fairs)
  • Establishing a Sunday and weekday minyan sign up sheet to support participation

To accomplish all this, David Fruchter serves as chairman with much-needed advice and support from Rabbi Joshua Neely, Bernie Kahn (Gabbai Rishon), David Shames (Floor Gabbai), and other members. If you are interested in joining our committee, please contact the Temple Israel office.