Here we have a central location of handouts from past events, teaching tools and study materials.

Mitzvah Fair

Mitzvot of the Home

• Shabbat Laws
• Torah Study
• Mezuzah & Brachot
• Challah, Kiddush, Washing, Ha Motzi
• Kashrut
Shabbat Evening
• Morning & Night
• Havdalah
• Tefillin Cheat Sheet
• Home Mitzvot – All Materials


• Audio Examples of Services
• The Bond of Life – A Guide to Yizkor
• Tikkun Leil Shavuot Study Booklet 5774-2014

Teaching Module for Reading Torah & Daven

For those who might need some practice, we’ve put together an in-depth learning tool for reading Torah. Click this link to access the Torah Trope module.